A Collection of Stories

Storytelling is a powerful teaching and learning methodology for Educators, Parents (Grandparents) and Children alike.

This collection of 5 narrative and digital testimonies (stories) from  parents and grandparents focus on being mindful of what we see in the media and how to interact critically with the information we are presented with.  The testimonies focus on how critical thinking and media literacy (Critical Digital Literacy) can be used to help keep children safe and able to distinguish what is true and what is false and/or manipulative in social media.

Story 1: Online Activity

Themes: Online safety; internet searches; online videos; independent use of technology; family conversations

Story 2: "WhatsApp Worries"
Story 3: "Halloween Searches"
Story 4: Computer Games
Story 5: Parental Contols

Below you can find selected national stories (German, Spanish and Lithuanian) translated into English.

Story 1: Spam this Friend? (a story from Germany)

Topic: Spamming; Internet and social media safety + information sharing

Themes: Online safety and privacy; copyright; sharing images and memes - are they from friends... or a bot? the dangers of reading shared information and storing images on your phone

Story 2: Story of a Trainer (from Spain)
Story 3: Let or Forbid? (a story from Lithuania)