Apricot Partnerships

The Apricot Partnership

The Partnership is made up of experienced organisations from Lithuania, Spain, Germany and the UK. It is led by Siuolaikiniu Didaktiku Centras (SDC) of Lithuania.

Siuolaikiniu Didaktiku Centras

Siuolaikiniu Didaktiku Centras (SDC) has been working in the field of formal and non-formal education since the end of 1999. It was established by the Open Society Fund – Lithuania and Vilnius Pedagogical University. It now acts as a private, non-profit organisation for the improvement of the competences of teachers, adults and adult educators. Its specific areas of expertise include: critical and creative thinking, anti-corruption education, and adult education. SDC has a wide network of trainers and consultants who work with schools, adult education centres, universities and youth organisations across Lithuania and overseas. The organisation develops and implements innovative projects and programs, organises workshops and study visits, provides expert consultancy and conducts and publishes research.


Planeta Ciencias
Institute of Technology-oriented Women’s Education
Apricot Training Management