Informed decisions

Informed Decisions

Nowadays, access to information in the hyper-connected world in which we live presents its own problems that are very different from those of past generations. One of the main problems of today's information age is distinguishing reliable sources of information and relevant data from those that are not. The following activities aim to highlight the difficulty of navigating the ocean of knowledge on the internet without getting lost or shipwrecked. Another issue that will be addressed in this section is the appropriate use of electronic devices and the alternatives that can be offered in the family context.

Activity 4.1. The environmental impact of your actions

There are some Girl drawing a recycling symbolthings that we can make in our own homes to fight global warming. But often the problem is that we don't know where to start.

In this activity, the family will reflect on the products we consume on a regular basis and then search for information on their environmental impact to propose some solutions.

For this activity, we are going to sort out different objects according to their impact on the environment. We will need an object from each of the categories listed so we can arrange the list playing with the family. You can collect the objects yourself or ask your children to look for them. If you do not have some of the objects, you can draw them on a piece of paper.

Age range: 9 - 15 years

Download the English version: The environmental impact of your actions

Activity 4.2. Screen-free corner

Adults, young people and children spend alot of time in front of screens. Restricting the use of digital devises is a common source of conflict within families. This activity seeks to offer a complementary alternative this.

This aim is to focus on achievable screen-free activities that allow us to build quality time using a shared process, where every member of the family has their own voice heard.

The activity tries to identify screen-free family activities that can be facilitated by the design and implementation of a screen-free corner.

Age range: All

Download the English version: Screen-free corner

Activity 4.3. The information race

This activity is intended to be a game that aims to highlight some of the mistakes we make when searching for information on the Internet and also to suggest more critical and reflective search habits.

The game consists of a questionnaire, the answers to which must be searched on the Internet. Speed is important to win, but finding the right answers is even more important.

Who will be able to find the most correct answers in the least amount of time? Well, let's see!

Age range: 9 - 15 years old

Download the English version: The information race