How can Adult Educators help Parents and Grandparents to contribute to their chilren's media literacy?

APRICOT Train the Trainer program and material

The APRICOT project supports adult educators who want to assist parents and grandparents to mediate their children’s digital literacy and safety when at home. We believe that being able to contribute to and support children in the development of their media literacy is now becoming an essential duty of parents.

Research shows that programs aimed at improving parents' critical thinking and media literacy skills may be a very effective way of positively impacting children’s responses to media exposure. Parents (and grandparents) with enhanced media literacy are better able to monitor their children’s behaviour, and model healthy behaviours with regards to their interaction with the media. They are better able to support and educate them.

There is widespread agreement that media literacy is now a necessary and important skill. It is frequently referenced in educational policy documents. However, a systematic approach for adult educators is needed – one that allows them:

  • to consistently operationalise what it means to teach media literacy,
  • to educate adult learners in a manner that encourages critical thought,
  • to develop an organisational culture that supports and promotes media literacy.

To meet this complex challenge, APRICOT seeks to promote media literacy as a broad and comprehensive concept, not one limited by technological understanding and skills.

How can Adult Educators help Parents and Grandparents contribute to their children's media literacy?

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